Unlikely we know but,-


Do you ever feel a bit over-stretched?

Perhaps you have a particularly important brief, not quite enough time, or your full-time ad agency are a bit too busy to give your issue the attention you need?

It could be your agency is simply out of its depth, you need an unbiased opinion, or a fast injection of brilliant thinking. A change of some sort.

Maybe we can help?

We've helped some other world-class marketing heads.

We're an advertising agency, although we don’t operate like one. We are Dave Waters and Bertie Miller and every job we take on, we handle in person.

We do interesting creative projects with people we like. We work out of a London office but there’s no ostentatious atrium and we don’t have hundreds of people in middle management.

We don’t pitch either.

What we like to do is meet up, talk about what you’re doing, what you need, see if we all get on and whether we can help you.

We like all kinds of creative projects, we’ve put on events for clients, (quite massive events). Designed, named and developed corporate identities, we work on-line, we have television shows in development and we’ve made thousands of commercials, posters and print campaigns.

On the site you'll find a few case studies of projects that made a huge difference for past Clients. 

If you're at a point where you think you could use a change, we'd love to come round for a chat. Just give me, Bertie, a call on 0207 908 6069.