'You're both so smart and modest but with that vital confidence in your abilities.'

Paul Burke.

We’re Dave Waters & Bertie Miller.  
We could have called ourselves Waters & Miller.  If we’d wanted to sound like a firm of solicitors.  We think Watermill is much better and more succinct.  That one name combines both of ours, and that combination reflects who we are and how we work.  We’re an advertising agency with one important difference.
Every job we take on, we handle personally. 
Though if we need extra help, the best people in the industry are always happy to provide it. Between us, we have decades of experience in the world’s best agencies and production companies.  So we know what we’re doing.  But more importantly, we love what we do. 
Over the years we’ve immersed ourselves in a variety of creative endeavours across traditional and digital platforms. 
We’ve named, designed and developed corporate identities.  We’ve put on events, big and small, for clients big and small.  We have made books, documentaries and, of course, countless commercials, posters and print campaigns.  In short, we make things.  And we make things happen.
Why would you be interested?  Every client is different. Perhaps you have a very important project, not much time to get it done, or your ad agency’s efforts haven’t been as good as you’d hoped.
This is where we can help.  Agencies often spend a lot of time in a lot of meetings discussing a problem, looking at it, almost admiring it.  We’d prefer to spend that time solving it.  Especially when time is in short supply. 
We've been brought in by the Marketing Heads of some world-famous brands to solve their problems.  We work on interesting projects with people we like. Simple as that. Because if we can get on with the people, we can get on with the work.
We work out of a small London office because it’s both handy to have and conducive to creativity.  You’re very welcome to come over to chat about how we can help you.  Or we’re very happy to come to you.  But we don’t pitch. Ever.  We’re only able to work with such speed, flair and commitment because we put all our effort into the jobs we have.  Not into ones we may or may not get.  On this site you’ll find a wealth of work that we’ve done for a broad range of clients.  Which, thinking about it, is a (sort of) pitch.
If you’d like to find out how we could make a big difference to your business, call Bertie on 0207 908 6069 or email bertie@watermill-london.com.
We look forward to hearing from/speaking to/working with you.