Lovely people doing amazing things,- Professor Lesley Regan and Helen Hadfield bought us this delightful Charity. Lesley is the country’s leading pioneer in the field of recurrent miscarriage. She runs a clinic that not only researches the problems, but has developed practical solutions and helps childless couples give birth to healthy babies.

An old friend,- Elyas Chowdhury was behind this lovely project. ebookers.com came to Elyas for a pan European overhaul of their marketing. Elyas came round to us, we teamed up and took a long hard look at what was going on in all 3 of ebookers regions, (1. Uk and Ireland, 2. Switzerland and 3. Scandinavia.)


David Abraham,- Before he went off to run Channel 4, he ran UKTV. He’s a very clever man, it was David who re-branded UKTVG2 as ‘Dave’

We bumped into David in the Scandi coffee shop, he introduced us to Tom Lucas and Sara Holt and a couple of months later we were all working on re-branding two factual channels, Eden and Blighty.