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An old friend,- Elyas Chowdhury was behind this lovely project. came to Elyas for a pan European overhaul of their marketing. Elyas came round to us, we teamed up and took a long hard look at what was going on in all 3 of ebookers regions, (1. Uk and Ireland, 2. Switzerland and 3. Scandinavia.)

We did a pretty thorough audit and we presented it back to all 3 Marketing Directors and their new Managing Director. Switzerland was proving to be something of an anomaly with brand leader status in a mature market and a strong creative identity. We took the essence of the Swiss work, gave it a sound strategic core and adapted it to work in every country.

Everyone loved it,- It was surprisingly easy to get agreement from the Client, between us and Elyas we had pretty much all the bases covered in a compact team. It was also refreshing to work alongside incumbent agencies in two of the regions to put together the brand, including an end-line, a graphic style and typographic look plus templates for executions in all areas. We also wrote TV advertising designed to work in different time lengths in all countries.

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David Abraham,- Before he went off to run Channel 4, he ran UKTV. He’s a very clever man, it was David who re-branded UKTVG2 as ‘Dave’

We bumped into David in the Scandi coffee shop, he introduced us to Tom Lucas and Sara Holt and a couple of months later we were all working on re-branding two factual channels, Eden and Blighty.

We helped Tom and Sara develop a clear strategy and galvanising end-line for each channel and then we created all the advertising. We produced press and poster campaigns nationwide, and a unique launch website for each channel as well as advising on PR and Partnerships.

We wrote and executed brand posters for Blighty that showed the nation as a modern melting pot and introduced the union jack logo as a marketing icon. This allowed us to do a lot of heavily branded small-space ads for content and appointment to view executions.

For Eden we created a poster and press brand campaign that introduced the notion that Eden would take the viewer to all these extraordinary places. We developed a red arrow icon that again made it simple and effective to create a lot of hard working, smallspace appointment to view ads.

Results,- The results were fantastically successful with both channels exceeding expectations at a very tough time to launch. The re-brands bought new viewers into a factual pay – TV category, grew channel performance and attracted new sponsorship and advertisers.

As a result, the projected payback over the next four years is £9.1 million. A fabulous return on investment. In fact the campaign was so successful that it won an IPA effectiveness award in November 2009.

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118 118 Ident118 118 Poster118 118 MONEY tv

118 118 has been part of the fabric of British life for more than a decade.We inherited the iconic running boys in 2012 when Robert Pines, the company founder, decided they needed an extra boost of energy.People were getting a bit bored with the break bumpers for films on ITV. We developed a campaign of brand new idents. Harnessing the medium we inserted the boys into a series of old films and they answered a whole load of phone calls in a helpful but ridiculous way.The complaints stopped, everyone loved the new idents and we’ve topped them up with new ones every year since.Then 118 118 needed a big TV ad and they put it out to pitch.We don’t pitch so we were excluded but we did say, if they didn’t see what they needed, they knew where we were.They didn’t see what they neededThey came back to us and we made some suggestions, we developed a new strategy and we wrote and shot some commercials. In fact they asked us to handle all their business from that point. The new campaign helped 118 118 buck the trend of falling directory enquiries, we used TV and bus-sides to push our message,- Why wait for the internet on your mobile? Call 118 118 instead.In 2014 we helped 118 118 launch a brand new product, 118 118 MONEY.A loan company that caters for all those people who need a few thousand for a couple of years. Reasonable rates (not ridiculous APRs like the pay-day loans) and they’ll lend money even if your credit rating is a bit shaky.It’s a service that a lot of people really need.We know that because a lot of people applied.

Charm title

Lovely people doing amazing things,- Professor Lesley Regan and Helen Hadfield bought us this delightful Charity. Lesley is the country’s leading pioneer in the field of recurrent miscarriage. She runs a clinic that not only researches the problems, but has developed practical solutions and helps childless couples give birth to healthy babies. She also heads up the charity that pays for all the work, and together we all evolved it.

It was called ‘Save the Baby’ it did spectacular work and it had two issues.

Firstly their name was holding them back, (if you googled them you had to wade through Save the whales, tigers, polar bears etc.) Plus people didn’t know what they
stood for.
And secondly, whilst people who suffered recurrent miscarriages were fervent supporters after the charity helped them, support waned over time. How to keep people interested and supportive?

Remind people that they already like us,- We all thought it would be good to have a complete overhaul. We wanted the charity to exude the kind of reassuring confidence that surrounded Lesley, at work. Collectively we all settled on ‘Charm’ (a kind of acronym: Charity for research into recurrent miscarriage) but a word that also summed up the Professor.

Plus it just felt right.

And the name Charm also resolved issue number 2.

In order to keep interest and encourage longer-term giving, we suggested a charm bracelet that we sell to new Mothers, Fathers and family after a success at the clinic. The sponsor becomes a Godparent to the new child, and every birthday for the first 18 years we sell a new charm to the Godparent who builds the bracelet for their child.

Simple, and charming and rewarding for the Godparent (it also took away the need to think of a gift each year.)

We developed a logo based on the charm, a background blanket that was a mix of baby blue and baby pink.

We developed a way of talking to our sponsors that always included ‘Thank you’. And we used our most potent tool (a smiling new born babies face) at every opportunity.

Each time we have success at the clinic, the baby appears on the new website with a ‘Thank you’ message.

We helped design a flexible signage for the clinic that allowed all new sponsors to have their name up on a charm bracelet that builds along the internal walls.

Results,- At the launch party for the re-branded charity, Lesley was approached by a guest who commented that she loved the new name and everything it stood for pledging £10,000 on the spot.