A new way of advertising

Watermill is the healthy option (leaner, faster, better quality than large-scale corporates). We are a unique advertising agency built for today and the future

The low-fat agency

Founded by renowned creative director, Dave Waters and top commercials producer Bertie Miller to bring together advertising creative and production expertise for big brands. Watermill is a very different agency model, no middle men or work experience juniors, you deal directly with Dave and Bertie on everything.

What’s in it for you?

A straight to source, fast and flexible collaboration focused on effective advertising. We are a full creative and production service. We’re happy to provide concepts to explore strategies, provoke and inspire. An ideas company able to adapt to different types and sizes of briefs, budgets and timelines, providing greater speed, lower cost and more control for the client interested in impactful, effective advertising they’re proud of.

Our Portfolio

Take a look at our TV Advertising portfolio on Vimeo

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