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What We Did

Lovely people doing amazing things,- Professor Lesley Regan is the country’s leading pioneer in the field of recurrent miscarriage. She runs a clinic that not only researches the problems, but has developed practical solutions and helps childless couples give birth to healthy babies. She also heads up the charity that pays for all the work, and together we all evolved it. It was called ‘Save the Baby’ it did spectacular work and it had two issues.

Firstly their name was holding them back, (if you googled them you had to wade through Save the whales, tigers, polar bears etc.) Plus people didn’t know what they stood for. And secondly, whilst people who suffered recurrent miscarriages were fervent supporters after the charity helped them, support waned over time. How to keep people interested and supportive? We all thought it would be good to have a complete overhaul. We wanted the charity to exude the kind of reassuring confidence that surrounded Lesley, at work.

Collectively we all settled on ‘Charm’ (a kind of acronym: Charity for research into recurrent miscarriage) but a word that also summed up the Professor. Plus it just felt right. And the name Charm also resolved issue number 2. In order to keep interest and encourage longer-term giving, we suggested a charm bracelet that we sell to new Mothers, Fathers and family after a success at the clinic. The sponsor becomes a Godparent to the new child, and every birthday for the first 18 years we sell a new charm to the Godparent who builds the bracelet for their child. Simple, and charming and rewarding for the Godparent (it also took away the need to think of a gift each year.) We developed a logo based on the charm, a background blanket that was a mix of baby blue and baby pink. We developed a way of talking to our sponsors that always included ‘Thank you’. And we used our most potent tool (a smiling new born babies face) at every opportunity.

Each time we have success at the clinic, the baby appears on the new website with a ‘Thank you’ message. We helped design a flexible signage for the clinic that allowed all new sponsors to have their name up on a charm bracelet that builds along the internal walls. And it’s worked like a charm,- At the launch party for the re-branded charity, Lesley was approached by a guest who commented that she loved the new name and everything it stood for pledging £10,000 on the spot.  |   Privacy & Terms   |  © 2021 All Rights Reserved